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We Offers Hybrid Cloud Implementation! Now Platform Neutral Mobile Office, Not a Dream!

S Cube Solutions has made another innovative step in application development by hybrid cloud technology. Connects various powerful packages into a single yet powerful hybrid environment. We uses our own technology to integrate your business in various platforms like PC, Laptops and Handheld Devices. Today most of people access their business on move, our hybrid technology makes your business move with you for a better life Along With The Fastest World!

Smartacc ERP

Smartacc is designed as simplest yet more powerful ERP package. Highly collaborative and customizable.


Sketchpad is the most powerful CMS and web development platform. Its highly customizable and secure too.

Campus Pro

Campus Pro focuses schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Fully extensible and collaborative.

Meek Lab

Meek Lab is the simplest medical lab management system. Most accepted product by many clinical labs.

SCube Solutions - Along with the fastest world!

        Scube Solutions is an organization found on the vision computing for everyone. We have hundreds of happy customers with various products, including CRM Packages, ERP packages, Web Portals and Cloud Applications. We focuses everyone in the globe, who wish to take a innovative and new generation IT partnership with us.

        People demands dynamic and vibrant ideas to solve the problems of modern world. We adopts case based and more sensitive methods to elaborate and deliver high quality software products for individuals government and non government organizations. Through innovative methods and neo technologies we constructs the overall solution for the problem case.

        Our expertise includes offline applications, web portals, cloud systems and mobile applications. Serve for the society is the spirit of this organization. We delivers high quality applications for both low scale and higher level business ventures. Our aim is to computerize people without digital divide.


How S Cube Solutions can serve you?

Software Development

We develops software according to user needs. We delivers both stand alone Windows applications and Web applications.

Websites and Portals

We develops and designs web portals and websites. We also offers wide range of tools for maintenance and web security.

Domain and Hosting

Domain registration, reseller services and hosting facilities provided by us. We delivers various server platforms including cloud computing.

Consulting and Training

We are leaders in consulting services, we can provide the best choices in management and infrastructure development.

Our Partners and Clients

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